Lupegoraro lives in Brazil. Her interest in the arts comes from early age. As a child, she showed signs that art would become a dominant force in her life.

She took singing, guitar and violin lessons, the latter being his great passion, as well as drawing, sculpture and painting. Lupegoraro focuses her pictorial expression on creativity, poetry and emotions, within which, beyond form, color and materiality, acquires an immense distinction of feelings intrinsic to human being.

Her work gives way to the expression of feelings that, through movements, lights and tones, appear linked between the abstract and the contemporary figurative; the essence of her work becomes an enunciation that leads us to a reflection, to an enigma for a critical analysis by the visual and intellectual practice of each observer, regarding the importance that art can have as a cornerstone of human questioning.

Exhbitions: Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, England, Germany and France - Carrousel du Louvre.




Artworks of Lupegoraro.

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