Jorge Santos

  The observation of Jorge Santos' canvases leads us to the total abstraction of the everyday life, transporting us to a level of extreme sensitivity.

   It is not rare for us to try to find out what feelings, the emotions that will be behind the whirlwind of colors, the contours, the reliefs that, combined, offer themselves to us full of life, in the form of of art for the senses.

   It is the way he uses color and the way he uses matter and textures, which gives his canvases a unique character that captivates us and makes us feel different sensations, to which it is difficult to remain indifferent.

   The diversity in his works, the various techniques he uses and the plurality of materials that it incorporates are the reflection of the incessant search for new challenges.

   The fact of being self-taught, gives you another freedom, not consummating your works based on the theory once apprehended, but on the experiences that the life has given him.




Artworks of Jorge Santos.

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