Jorge Curval

  Born in Porto in 1958, Jorge Curval has participated in individual and group exhibitions in Portugal and in countries such as Greece, Brazil, France and Spain.

  His favorite places in Porto reflect his love for art, but also the constant search for innovation from this artist who is also a teacher and, above all, passionate about the good things in life. Jorge Curval attended the Faculty of Fine Arts in Porto and since the mid-80s his works have been exhibited in galleries and events inside and outside Portugal.

  With work in public and private collections, he has dedicated part of his career to sharing knowledge. Since 1997, he has taught the Plastic Arts course at Faculdade Sénior, in Porto. Between 2001/2004 he taught visual arts workshops at the Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis, in Porto. Responsible for Painting Workshops at the Museu Centro Memória de Vila do Conde and Palácio das Artes Fundação da Juventude do Porto. Painter, sculptor, designer and bon vivant, Jorge Curval suggests visiting places in Porto where art is very present, but without forgetting outdoor spaces to enjoy the tranquility and landscape" in "hey.porto"




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