Evangelista is an advertiser by training and came to art through the hands of Carlos Bracher, one of the greatest Brazilian impressionists. He began painting in the house of João Cândido Portinari, son of the great Portinari - the greatest Brazilian painter of all time. Evangelista also painted with Amilcar de Castro, Carlos Scliar, Henrique Bianco.

In addition to painting, Evangelista writes, makes documentaries and uses every possible art platform. He believes that art has a fundamental social role in the fight for freedom and justice. Evangelista will never think about selling a painting for the money. He considers money to be just an energy, and more important than money is for art to be present in people's lives.

Evangelista's partnership with curator Marlene Azevedo is because he believes she has deep sensitivity when dealing with art and others. Evangelista is a huge fan of Ferreira de Castro (nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature), a writer closely linked to the Amazon that Evangelista loves so much.

Evangelista continues to paint and makes his paintings, photographs and engravings available to all who love art.




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