My name is Alexandra Santos, I'm 55 years old, I'm from Lisbon, I live in Mafra (Lisbon) and I've always developed an interest in art and its aspects.

  Being equally a fan of the digital area and everything that concerns it, I was surprised and totally surrendered to the results of the unlimited potential of digital art and decided to explore my own talent with the application of these techniques. This artistic area is recent and still little known, but with a promising future, both for artists and collectors.

  At the moment, the promotion and dissemination of my work is carried out on various channels on social networks and on NFT`s investment platforms (Opensea and Backery Swap).

  I also have a partnership with a company in the cryptocurrency trading market, which currently promotes some of my work, through its "HumanizeVault" foundation (https://www.humanizecrypto.com, whose objectives are NTFs exclusively for social purposes and which is also intended to support new and young artists.

  I describe the creation of art as the mirror of our emotions at the moment and fractions of Thoughts that are happening inside us is the sum of all of that. For me it is therapeutic and a way of expressing part of what goes on in a more hidden side of our Being that manifests itself through art, similar to a codified language.

  Welcome and enjoy the images and emotions that colors awaken in you.



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